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Recovery is Possible! We have access to leading edge recovery technology, which allows us to recover your tape in the fastest way. Attempting to repair your tape without the proper tools will harm it. Turn off you tape unit to prevent further damage.

LTO Data Recovery

Linear Tape-Open (or LTO) is a magnetic tape data storage technology originally developed in the late 1990s as an open standards alternative to the proprietary magnetic tape formats that were available at the time. Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate initiated the LTO Consortium, which directs development and manages licensing and certification of media and mechanism manufacturers. Seagate’s tape division was spun-off as Certance and is now part of Quantum Corporation.

The standard form-factor of LTO technology goes by the name Ultrium, the original version of which was released in 2000 and could hold 100 GB of data in a cartridge. LTO version 6 released in 2012 can hold 2.5 TB in a cartridge of the same size. Upon introduction, LTO Ultrium rapidly defined the super tape market segment and has consistently been the best-selling super tape format. LTO is widely used with small and large computer systems, especially for backup.

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