Shipping Info

Ship to:

  • LTO Data Recovery
  • 12 Mauchly, Building C3
  • Irvine, CA 92618

Shipping and Handling Instructions

CAUTION! We are not responsible for damages to the tapes due to shipping and handling. Tapes are extremely fragile and should be handled accordingly.

If packaging more than one tape, use a separate container or bag for each one. Multiple tapes in a single box should be packaged with packing material between each tape. Please use packaging materials that will provide adequate protection for your tape when shipping it.

Please include a detailed description of how the data was corrupted, (data accidentally erased, tape stopped working, what happened to the tape, etc.), if any attempts were made to recover the data prior to it being sent to us, and your company information (person to contact, phone number, return address).

Shipping Charges and Proof of Delivery

You must pay shipping charges to send your drive(s). No collect shipments will be accepted without prior authorization. will not be responsible for shipments for which the carrier cannot provide proof of delivery. You should choose a carrier who will be able to trace the shipment.

Terms and Conditions

By shipping your package to LTO Data Recovery, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Please call us with any questions:

(800) 233-3648